7 vital steps to follow to ensure you get maximum ROI with your next website redesign project

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Today the opportunity cost of settling for a mediocre or below average website as compared to your competition can be significant. Research has shown that a prospects chance of doing business with your brand is highly influenced by their interactions with your website or application. Regardless of the size of your company you need to be strategic about the process of redesign to ensure that you do not waste your time and money and more importantly that you get the maximum return from your website or application redesign. In this article, I will outline the mindset and vital steps that are necessary to ensure that your redesign project is a success and how you can get a 2, 3 and even a 10 fold return on your website redesign investment.

But before we get into the details of how you can get max ROI from your website redesign, let’s find out if you even need to do a redesign? How can you know whether your website is leaving money on the table and is in need of a redesign? It’s possible that your website on the surface works fine and passes all the usability testing and yet you still observe some underlying problems.

See if any of this sounds familiar.

  • High bounce rates: people come but leave as soon as they arrive
  • Low conversion rates: you’re getting the right amount of traffic but a very low percentage of your traffic is actually buying your product or service
  • Low engagement with your content: not enough visitors are turning into leads
  • One of many: there is very little differentiation between your product or services and your competitors’ products and services

If you answered yes to any of the above problems then a website redesign is necessary. OK so now that you have established that a website redesign is needed then how do you ensure that you get maximum ROI for this venture?

The first step in getting maximum ROI on your website redesign starts with your mindset. To get maximum return on your website redesign investment (ROI) you need to view your website redesign as an investment. We propose that a website above anything else is an investment and, therefore, the decision process for redesigning a website or application should be subject to the same level of discipline when evaluating any other type of investments (employee hire, office equipment, etc). The underlying objective for your website redesign project should be whether or not your investment will yield a desirable return (ROI).

What Are Front-End Frameworks?

You can split an app’s functionality between the front-end and back-end in development. Front-end is the stuff a user sees and interacts with – it’s your dashboard, newsfeed, user profile, etc. The back end is the server-side databases and infrastructure that hosts and runs the front-end code. Angular, Vue and React are all frameworks for front-end development.

Front-end frameworks are like shortcuts and cheat sheets. You could code up an entire front end in JavaScript, raw. After all, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS combined are present virtually everywhere on the internet.

To get maximum return on your website redesign investment (ROI) you need to view your website redesign as an investment.